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Mar 25, 2020
Women in technology can play a pivotal role in accelerating their own careers. Sharing strategies for this was the focus of the recent ADP Inclusion Summit 2022 panel discussion "Views from the Top: How Women Can Take the Lead in Tech." Here are the main takeaways shared during the insightful conversation.
For as long as the industry has existed, women in technology have been underrepresented. Although many companies have devoted significant time and energy to address the disparity, even now, only 28.8% of technologists are women, and only a handful of tech companies have women CEOs. Not only have fewer women been entering tech fields and rising to the top in recent years, but they've also been leaving those fields at a rate 45% higher than men.
It will take considerable commitment and constant effort to ensure women have opportunities to enter, progress and thrive in technology jobs. This communal endeavor will have to come from cooperating organizations, communities, governments and society at large. Women in technology can also play a pivotal role in accelerating their own careers.
This was the focus of ADP's recent Inclusion Summit 2022 panel discussion "Views from the Top: How Women Can Take the Lead in Tech," in which four powerful tech leaders shared strategies they used to advance their careers. Lori Warren-Williams, Vice President of Excellence and Compliance at ADP, moderated a group that included Suzanne Harris, VP of Human Resources at NexusTek; Aisha Lawrey, Training and Certification Global Ambassador for Cloud Career Training Programs at AWS; and Karla Rivera, Senior Manager of Strategy, Planning and Operations at Cisco Systems.
Here are the key details and main takeaways shared during the session.
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