Brianna White

Mar 25, 2020
Computer Vision (CV), also known as Visual Artificial Intelligence (AI), is becoming increasingly common in business. In a variety of industries across the world, Visual AI is being used to improve productivity, processes, communications and decision-making.
Most people use it every day. It is the technology used when your vehicle is in reverse vibrating or beeping to warn you if objects are approaching from either side. More complex uses involve models that interpret events as they occur on video. The most cutting-edge use integrates with a company’s current camera security system, analyzes video footage in real-time, identifies certain pre-programmed events, and sends alerts related to those events while tracking recurring patterns.
Visual AI has proven valuable in retail operations, where the ability to analyze and improve store processes is critical to providing an optimal customer experience. Some auto dealers may be wondering if Visual AI is a necessary technology or if it’s still too futuristic to be of practical use. Here are a few reasons why the time for AI is now.
Need for data analysis
The ability to analyze accurate data is paramount in today’s fast-moving and competitive business environment. Efficient data analysis reveals operational strengths and weaknesses, identifies new opportunities and improves decision-making. However, data analysis is easier said than done.
Cameras capture valuable information daily. Unfortunately, much of the data they collect is not particularly valuable. Therefore, none of us have the time to review it. Until now, we have been missing a layer of data analysis that Visual AI uses to tap into this data.
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