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Mar 16, 2020
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Sumathi Bhaskaran has added many feathers to her hat over 25 years in the technology sector. She started as a software developer, helping transform retail and travel/hospitality organisations with stints at Tesco and SapientNitro.
Now, as the Senior Director-Software Engineering at Lowe’s India, Sumathi is responsible for the transformation of systems, services, and applications used by thousands of customer service associates at Lowe’s physical contact centres and those working from home.  “As a child, the first thing I drew was a square-headed figure, which my parents told me was a robot. I was fascinated with science and technology while I was growing up.
Also, animated movies were a big thing with Jurassic Park and Terminator,” she says. Speaking of her father’s role in instilling her interest in the subject, Sumathi recalls a summer holiday when he insisted she joined a short BASIC course to tinker around.  “The teacher happened to be a computer whiz. She encouraged me to try out different ways to solve the same problem, and this left me greatly interested in the field. A few years down the line, when it was time for college, I would invariably pick computer science as my major. I loved problem-solving and logical thinking, so computer science was a great choice,” she adds. Read more at: https://yourstory.com/herstory/2022/10/woman-in-tech-sumathi-bhaskaran-lowes-india


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