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One of my roles as CEO is to be up-to-date with every change this industry brings. This helps me and my team adapt our visions and product according to people's demands and markets. So when everyone is talking about the latest innovations, it's the perfect context for CEOs to express their opinions. Thus, I'd like to share how SaaS and software businesses can use AI and machine learning (ML) and take advantage of them correctly.

What are AI and ML?​

Fundamentally, AI entails developing algorithms and computer programs capable of data-driven reasoning, learning, and decision-making. In other words, AI systems are built to sift through vast volumes of data, find patterns and then predict the future using those patterns. These forecasts can automate processes, enhance decision-making and offer insightful information on complex business issues.

On the other side, ML, or machine learning, is a component of AI focused on developing algorithms that enable computers to learn from data and make predictions or judgments without being explicitly programmed to do so. In other words, a machine learning algorithm is created to recognize patterns and relationships within massive data sets and use this information to generate predictions or perform actions rather than following a predetermined set of instructions.

How can SaaS and software businesses use AI or ML?​

Because they may increase efficiency, automate tedious operations and give clients valuable insights, AI and ML are becoming increasingly crucial for SaaS organizations. Several elements of SaaS businesses, including customer relationship management, marketing automation, product development and personalization, can benefit from AI and ML.

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