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Mar 25, 2020
Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is one of the fastest-growing markets with a 54% growth rate annually, and is quickly becoming a huge part of people’s everyday life. From video games to phone applications, many people use A.I. more than they may think. 
A.I. is some of the most cutting-edge technology, but it’s the people behind it that are the driving force of this field. A.I. is a male-dominated industry, with women making up only 26% of the A.I. workforce
Locally, there are many women involved in A.I., making great strides in the industry. 
Dr. Karen Doty is a part of the GIMM (Games, Interactive Media and Mobile Technology) faculty at Boise State.
Because A.I. is a male-dominated field, Doty said that being a woman pursuing or experiencing this career can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding. 
“In my experience, being a woman in a male-dominated field has proven to be a driving factor to continue to aim to exceed expectations,” Doty said. “One of my proudest moments of recent was when a student exclaimed to me that she felt she, too, could achieve her career while also being a mother. She said seeing that I could do it helped her in realizing it was possible for her as well. This can also be said for working parents of all genders. It is possible to achieve both goals in life.”
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