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Mar 25, 2020
The onset of the pandemic revealed long-simmering restlessness in the job market. For Rachel Michele it was time to join a start-up. An authority in forensic data science, she became Chief Technology Officer at Arjuna Solutions, the leading provider of Behavioral Economics Modeling powered by patented A.I. Services. Arjuna’s services are designed to optimize lifetime giving while lowering the cost per dollar raised for nonprofit fundraising.
"Growing up, I was a quiet kid who loved to solve problems — I would later discover that those traits are strengths in managing teams. Eventually, I pursued a career in coding and technology, earning my MBA at the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business.
I felt fortunate to kickstart my career at PwC, where I advanced to leading teams focused on solving data crises for Fortune 500 companies and government entities. I had the unique opportunity in the role to uncover the evidence needed for the prosecution of global digital crimes. There were very few women in this field, and I saw it as an opportunity to stand out and lead with an open mind. I took every opportunity to mentor incoming team members — women and men. It was a pleasure to see the growth of all the individuals on my team.
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