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Mar 16, 2020
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As 2021 drew to a close, the buzzword on everyone’s lips was metaverse. It had certainly been a while since the tech industry had a good trend to hype up (the focus on remote working or e-commerce during the pandemic didn’t exactly stir the imagination). The metaverse concept had been gaining steam throughout the year, but it really boiled over when Facebook announced its name change to Meta in October. After that, podcasts and thinkpieces started running wild with speculation on the possibilities.
One report that didn’t mention the metaverse was CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2022. Since planning on that report started before the hype machine really took off, the metaverse trend was one that we considered but ultimately cut.
In terms of actionable forecasts, that still may prove to be the right decision. There’s a big difference between a buzzword and a workable initiative, and metaverse may not make the transition in 2022. Even so, IT pros will want to keep an eye on things and understand the potential implications.
Here’s a quick overview of why the metaverse is in the spotlight and what it means for IT pros.
Metaverse Immersion: Virtual Reality
To start, what exactly is the metaverse? In a nutshell, it’s online life. In many ways, most of us have already been living in the metaverse for quite a while now, as work, life and play have largely transitioned to the internet.
The reason more people are talking about the metaverse now is that the scales have tipped, and the center of gravity for most people has become online rather than physical. This general shift deserves further exploration, but for now the most tangible application in metaverse discussions is virtual reality (VR).
VR itself is obviously not a new trend. It’s been part of video game circles for years, and more recently it’s been a constant feature on watchlists of emerging technology. But with the metaverse, many are thinking that VR has finally found a killer app.
Ben Thompson, one of the top technology analysts out there, wrote about his shifting views on VR in the article “Microsoft and the Metaverse.”
Based on his experiences with Facebook’s Meta’s Horizon Workroom, he believes that VR may become an enterprise tool for allowing people to stay connected to work wherever they are.
Continue reading: https://www.comptia.org/blog/the-metaverse-at-work


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