Kathleen Martin

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Mar 16, 2020
Lexington, Kentucky
Marketers face steep challenges in 2021 as the death of third-party cookies and changes to key identifiers, namely Apple's Identifier for Advertisers, upturn widely used digital marketing tactics. While first-party data remains the industry's top priority, its cousin — the more nebulously defined second-party data — is of growing importance, signaling that greater collaboration will be essential to businesses trying to build muscles weakened by the loss of cookies.
Earlier this week, Merkle released a report that detailed successful examples of second-party tactics, including a tie-up between Buick and Amazon that looked to net younger buyers for the automotive brand. The effort involved steering users to ask Amazon's Alexa voice assistant about information on Buick SUVs, which drove 150,000 people to a virtual showroom for the brand's vehicles, per Merkle. Other marketers could replicate this approach, especially since many are only just starting to grow their own stores of first-party data and may need to rely on other brands, publishers and platforms to achieve the reach they need in a more privacy-stringent world.
Continue reading: https://www.marketingdive.com/news/what-to-know-about-second-party-data-as-marketers-tilt-toward-collaboration/593462/


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