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Mar 25, 2020
Dive Brief:
  • The typical U.S. workplace is not meeting the core needs of working women, a July 2022 survey by Great Place to Work revealed. Of the nearly 4,200 working women who responded, 54% said they’re open to finding a new job in the next six months. One in 10 said they’d like to leave their job, but don’t feel they can.
  • To retain top women employees, companies must take four essential actions, Great Place to Work research showed: 1) at a minimum, offer fair pay and promotions; 2) create a psychologically healthy work culture; 3) help employees find meaning at work; and 4) be flexible with remote/hybrid options.
  • “The good news is any company can create cultures that support women and help them thrive,” Great Place to Work CEO Michael C. Bush said in a release. The workplace culture survey platform’s 2022 list of Fortune Best Workplaces for Women bears this out. Nine in 10 women who work for companies making the list plan to stay in their job long term; 92% report a willingness to “give extra” at work.
Dive Insight:
An obvious first step to figuring out what female talent want is simply to ask. Employers often skimp on communicating directly with employees when trying to address their needs, panelists at a 2021 [email protected] virtual summit pointed out. Instead of hypothesizing about what the issues are, employers should have one-on-one conversations with their women employees, meet with affinity groups or conduct surveys, one expert suggested.
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