Brianna White

Mar 25, 2020
Hackers around the world work 24/7 trying to seize cryptocurrency. Hardware wallets provide an added layer of security to protect your cryptocurrency. If you hold cryptocurrency, you should seriously consider using one.
Hardware Wallets Are the Secure Solution
A hardware wallet is a small device that serves the same purpose as that bulky leather wallet in your back pocket. They are an efficient way to secure your money and transport it anywhere, anytime.
There are different ways to store your cryptocurrency. Each varies in security. Cryptocurrency can be stored on the exchange they are bought on, like Coinbase. But this is the least secure. They can also be held in a digital wallet, like Atomic Wallet, which is a little more secure. But the most secure way is to keep your cryptocurrency on a hardware wallet.
A hardware wallet looks similar to a USB flash drive.  Hardware wallets store your private keys. Private keys are a series of a dozen or so random, unique words used to protect one’s cryptocurrency. If someone gets a hold of these words, they have access to all of your assets.
Unlike digital wallets, your cryptocurrency isn’t actually stored in a hardware wallet. Only the private keys are kept. When using a hardware wallet, users interact with the blockchain itself.
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