Brianna White

Mar 25, 2020
Serial entrepreneur Theresia Le Battistini is our Web3 woman of the moment. Having successfully built a prosperous toy brand aimed at girls called I’M A GIRLY following a flourishing career in finance, Theresia has turned her talents to supporting women in Web3 as CEO and founder of Fashion League, the first Web3 female-centered play-and-earn mobile game.
“With Fashion League it is not only play-and-earn anymore, but design fashion-and-own,” says Theresia, adding that the mission is to be “the fashion game of Web3 – where gamers, fashion enthusiasts and brands can meet to define and own the next major metaverse centered around fashion and their own brand identities.”
Practicing DAO-focused governance, co-creation and community are important focal points for Theresia. “Community is one of the fundamental pillars of Web3. Harnessing this power is key to success for any Web3 fashion project, and for traditional fashion brands they are crucial to reaching novel revenue streams.“
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