Dale Bowen

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Apr 1, 2020
STANISLAUS COUNTY -- A new technology could be the solution to dealing with contaminated groundwater in Stanislaus County. 
Nitrates are found in fertilizer or wastewater from treatment plants. These chemicals can seep into well water, making it unsafe to drink. 
The Central Valley Regional Water Control Board's job is to protect residents from these chemicals. However, parts of Stanislaus County have not been successful, falling below the standard for drinking water. 
Valley Water Collaborative provides residents with temporary solutions, offering free well testing. Those with high nitrates are provided with free bottled water. 
But now a new pilot program aims to offer a long-term solution: panels that condense humidity, basically turning air into drinking water. The technology can provide 10 gallons of drinking water a day. 
Read More: https://www.cbsnews.com/sacramento/news/free-groundwater-nitrate-contamination-testing/