Brianna White

Staff member
Mar 25, 2020
As the weather slowly warms and the snow begins to fade from the mountains I see from my home office in Switzerland, I’m reminded of how much our lives have shifted over the past 12 months. These and other visual cues—from Facebook’s daily reminders of our lives pre-2020 to this year’s Super Bowl commercials that reflected on current events while showcasing a slew of new pandemic-friendly technologies—color our collective experience.
I have lived through some fundamental business changes in my time, but none as momentous as the COVID-19 pandemic. Life as we knew it in the world of marketing has been suspended or pared back until further notice: travel, face-to-face meetings, business meals and drinks, conferences, store and showroom visits—anything that involves people moving around or coming together. It has been like one of those creativity workshops where the leader spells out a challenge, everybody comes up with a solution, and the leader says: “Toss those solutions; you’re not allowed to use them. You have to come up with something else.”
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