Kathleen Martin

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Mar 16, 2020
Lexington, Kentucky
I think everyone can agree this year has totally upended the marketing world. It's also had marketing leaders looking closer at what they do, how they do it and where they spend their resources (I know I have been!).
The Covid-19 pandemic led to big changes and lots of opportunities worth investigating. As 2020 finally ends, here's where I've seen the most significant disruptions — and how marketers can prepare for the future.
Websites As Virtual Experiences
This year, virtual events exploded as marketers adapted to buyers staying on their couches. Good marketers quickly learned the difference between a webinar and a true virtual event/experience. Those who crossed this chasm saw success and shared their thought leadership with bigger virtual audiences.
The way I see it, the future isn't necessarily about more virtual events but rather ingraining amazing ones into your website. Imagine prospects at the right funnel stage who are triggered into an always-on event and engaged through multiple means — like Netflix meets Slack. There's on-demand video content, a live stream playing and a community of users and fans creating a unique, engaging place to be. Prospects learn about your solutions and then, after videos and chats, they immediately meet your product team.
Continue reading: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescommunicationscouncil/2021/01/11/implications-of-covid-19-on-marketings-future-and-what-to-do-now/?sh=789abf424cf2


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