Juned Ghanchi

Dec 18, 2021
How to Make a Mobile Game: a Beginner's Guide
Now that you have comprehensive knowledge of the different popular game engines, it is time to describe the game app development process.
Building the Game App Plan
If you are serious enough to know how to make a mobile game app, having a comprehensive and full-proof plan and app development roadmap is very much important. This initial development plan can carry out the weight of a blueprint for the entire game app project. The same plan will also document all the project requirements that we can convey to the developers and designers in due course.
First of all, choose a game niche and the type of game app you aspire to develop. It is better to describe your game app project clearly and then validate the idea in close circles. Thereafter you can create a visual storyboard with meticulously crafted branches of user journey from different junctures.
Now, at last, you need to describe the monetization plan or how the game app will earn. After only by describing the game idea and providing all the answers to questions regarding the project, you can have a transparent vision of the app project that you can subsequently pursue.
Get Familiar with a Programming Language
Game engines generally come with all the templates, plugins and components you require to put things in the right place and make the game roll. But such built-in tools and established conventions are not always enough. Developers for custom gaming experiences and features often need to code some parts of the game app. This is why learning a game app-friendly programming language becomes easier.
You have an array of popular programming languages starting from C+, C#, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin and several others. But knowing an elementary language and developing command with the same will be more effective. Choosing a straightforward language like C+ is always advisable and try your hand in relatively simple projects. This will help you get a basic level of understanding regarding game development.
Start Game App Development
The very next step is to set off the game project. Since development is the core aspect of an app project, you need to be cautious about committing mistakes. Keep things small and start with the core game app idea and a plan for subsequent updates accompanying important value additions and required changes.
This incremental development approach, widely known as Minimum Viable Product (MVP), involves smaller investment at the initial stage due to its elementary focus on the core features and minimalist development. As the feedback rolls in after the first release, developers can incorporate changes and make value additions based on the user feedback.
As for the development steps, you need to decide the game levels first and design each by balancing the difficulties and ease of playing in an even manner. At this stage, you also need to incorporate the rules of gaming. At the next step, you should decide on the game character with meticulous details for each of them. At last, you need to choose and create the user interface attributes such as game controls, settings, game menus, etc.
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