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Feb 14, 2022
- Getting this Flight Log Book is an essential part of being a very responsible drone pilot. This Drone Flight Log Book stores all your information in one place which includes lots of logging features for your flight operations. Logging you drone operations is a great way to protect yourself and equipment. Use the checklist in this Drone Log Book to ensure you don't skip an vital process that could put you, other people, other people's property or your equipment in harms way. Impress prospective clients by showing them you have the expertise and experience needed to get the job done professionally. -
With this Drone Log Book, you can specifically keep record of:
  • Date of flight
  • Date of flight
  • Drone Type
  • Drone Model
  • Drone Registration Number
  • Mission
  • Location of flight
  • Maximum Speed
  • Maximum Altitude
  • Distance Flown
  • Notes/Remarks
  • Battery
  • SD Card
  • Takeoffs/Ladings
  • Total Time
  • Pre-flight checklist items
  • Post-flight checklist items
  • Safety Checklist Items
  • Maintenance
+ 3 Bonus Blank Pages - This Drone Flight Log Book has enough space and pages for additional items and notes. With this Drone Log Book, you can customize your flight routines. - This book is perfect for every drone pilot (A Great Gift). Start Logging your drone flights accurately today - Kindly click on this Amazon purchase link to Grab Yours Now=>>


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