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Mar 16, 2020
Lexington, Kentucky
Do we have a global digital workplace skills crisis on our hands? According to a Salesforce study, absolutely.
Salesforce released its 2022 Global Digital Skills Index and found nearly three of four respondents worldwide say they don't have access to the resources needed to learn the digital skills necessary to thrive in the workplace now or in the future.
The numbers get more grim in even circles like social media. While most (83%) claim they have advanced or intermediate everyday social media skills, two-thirds say they're unprepared for the social media skills that the workplace will require over the next five years.
And if you think there's hope for the digital natives, there's this: Not even the majority of Gen Zers are reporting hope landing digital-first jobs: only 31% of Gen Z respondents feel “very equipped” for a digital-first job right now. Further, not many Gen Zers report “advanced” digital skills in areas like coding (20%), data encryption & cybersecurity (18%) and artificial intelligence (7%). 
The lack of workplace digital skills likely worries leaders in digital workplace circles, and should: 25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of this year, and remote work opportunities will carry on through 2023. Remote work = digital skills required. Digital's at the very heart of working virtually and connecting with employees.
Collaboration Skills Woes Hurt Digital Workplace
What do digital workplace leaders believe are the most important skills?
  1. Collaboration technology
  2. Digital administrative
  3. Encryption and cyber security
  4. Ecommerce and digital trade
  5. Project management technology
    However, it may be lonely at the top: only 25% say they are advanced in collaboration tech skills in the workplace. Can't Slack? Can't hop onto Microsoft Teams? Lacking skills in Google Workspace? No bueno for digital workplace success.
    Even at the business-owner level, only 16% say they have “advanced” digital skills for operating technology that promotes sustainable business activities like tracing, measuring and analyzing climate data within an organization, according to the Salesforce index. And, only 14% say encryption & cybersecurity skills are particularly important, and only 14% report “advanced” knowledge of the subject.
    Continue reading: https://www.cmswire.com/learning-development/do-we-have-a-global-digital-workplace-skills-crisis/


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