Kathleen Martin

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Mar 16, 2020
Lexington, Kentucky
Theresa Payton is on the front lines of fighting global cybercrime, and she is seeing many cybercrime cases that she's keeping out of the news headlines.
So if she's keeping them out of the news, how will you know what's going on? Simple! Talk to one of the world's top cybercrime investigators to find out the Top 5 Crimes targeting businesses now that many employees are working from home. Learn how cybercriminals are using artificial intelligence, social media, blockchain, polymorphic malware, cryptocurrency, video conferencing, internet of things, and manipulation campaigns to bust into organizations. Theresa takes us Inside the anatomy of an attack, and how it can be used against yours and your customers’ businesses. She will share with you the steps you can take right now to stop them.
Learn more and register: https://bit.ly/3zyDQL5


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