Brianna White

Mar 25, 2020
There's a gender gap in the DevOps field. It's time for IT and DevOps leaders to take steps to make the DevOps team a place where women feel welcome and ready to contribute.
A balanced and diverse workforce drives innovation. Women account for 47.7% of the global workforce. However, only 26% of the jobs in computer-related sectors are held by women, a number that has grown by a mere 2% over the past 20 years. In the DevOps sector other research shows women account for about 13% of the workforce. This fact suggests that the more niche a sector is, the more skewed the gender diversity is as well.
Companies and teams embracing gender diversity are 27% more likely to outperform their competitors and generate above average profits according to researchers. Organizations focused on inclusion are more likely to innovate and gain from the benefits of women's creative thinking.
While diversity is one aspect of it, simply bridging the gender gap means nothing without a culture of inclusion. Inclusion in its true sense refers to the feeling of belongingness.
Women in the workplace are often prevented from growth, as they are seen to have less potential and capabilities compared to their male counterparts. A second-generation gender bias exists in which women fail to thrive and reach their full potential. For example, women often feel less connected to their male colleagues, are advised to take admin roles to accommodate family responsibilities or are excluded from key responsibilities. These instances showcase work cultures and practices that are disadvantageous to women.
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