Dale Bowen

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Apr 1, 2020
LOS ANGELES — After a lengthy debate, Los Angeles City Council President Paul Krekorian postponed a contentious vote Tuesday on whether to accept the donation of a nearly $280,000 dog-like robot for the LAPD.

"I'd like when it comes back to have the policies that are currently in place before the council as a condition to acceptance of this gift," Krekorian said near the end of Tuesday's discussion.

Delaying the vote by 60 days, he said, "would also allow us the opportunity to exhaust every opportunity to have responses to the questions that have been raised about existing deployment capabilities and so forth."

Police officials say that the device, nicknamed Spot, would be deployed only in a limited set of circumstances that require a SWAT team response. Its presence, they argue, would allow authorities to avoid unnecessarily putting officers in harm's way and potentially avoid violent encounters.

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