Dale Bowen

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Apr 1, 2020
A little more than two years after the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office got on-body cameras for its deputies — the devices look like smartphones but are locked into their functions so they cannot make calls — the newly sworn-in administration says it has uncovered several issues that make the system challenging to use.
Among the issues they point to: the microphones are the same as those on cellphones and therefore are affected by wind or area noise; they don’t have enough memory for videos to record for more than about seven hours without being clipped; the videos take a long time to upload or are impossible to upload if a deputy doesn’t have good cell service; once the videos are uploaded it can take weeks for the company to process them so deputies can view them again; and – unlike the system that other local agencies use – there is no easy way for the sheriff’s office to share long videos with the media or others.
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