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Mar 16, 2020
Lexington, Kentucky
A situation called Crypto can be scary when one speaks about it. Most people think that’s due to a bad press. A lack of education on the blockchain already places people no longer familiar with the space for entry.
While blockchain gaming has become a trend, many are still not engaging in this space. Rethinking the traditional game web 2 as it has been on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.
Education is low. We need to improve our ability to design phony projects. A recent survey by Coda Labs showed some interesting findings about the tyrants in the augmented reality marketplace.
Let’s examine this in more detail below.
The Coda Labs paper has highlighted some concerns from gamers. These papers were written in conjunction with DappRadar, covering an entire number of countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Japan and South Africa. They’re the leading researcher on the blockchain.
At a time when six 921 people asked for help, 41 % of those who responded complained that they were involved in Crypto gambling scams. As for the same percentage of people, the most commonly used crypto gaming is the lack of education we mentioned earlier.
Just of respondents believe the cost of entering in blockchain gaming is a matter. The fact that you continue to create these games by observing the rigorous set-up process is no surprise even the most experienced gamers do not want to take this new hobby seriously.
It must be noted that those who participated in the study had to fulfill a specific criteria. Either play two games or more per month, or complete a crypto related activity. The studies could be done so, as it is able to buy cryptocurrencies or even trade NFTs within the last 30 days before the study started.
Therefore, the findings of this study make the results even more interesting, there is the fact that the person involved is quite savvy.
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