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Mar 25, 2020
Artificial intelligence (AI) is having its moment these days. No wonder it starts being used for business purposes. The companies like Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce are integrating Artificial Intelligence solutions as intelligence layers across their technical operations.
The mission of AI is to make the existing technologies smarter and unlock the power of all the collected data. With machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing, it has become incredibly easy to add an AI algorithm to your software or cloud resource.
How can you use AI to boost your business processes? Let’s be more specific!
The Benefits And Dangers Of Using AI In Recruitment
When it comes to recruitment, Artificial Intelligence solutions may cause an image problem. You might feel uncomfortable about the idea of putting serious decisions in the hands of machines. You simply want to know how and why a particular decision has been made.
What if machines are actually capable of making accurate decisions? What if they can be less prone to prejudice than humans? AI is there to overcome the challenges of the fast-changing hiring environment. With the AI-driven recruitment platforms, a company can learn whether a candidate firs a particular. It can fill in the gaps created by traditional recruitment instruments like resumes and interviews.
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