Kathleen Martin

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Mar 16, 2020
Lexington, Kentucky
Marketing techniques come and go but some techniques linger longer than necessary. While you can still find value in tried but true marketing methods, it may be time to jettison those marketing techniques that are no longer effective for your purposes.
Marketers weighed in on which marketing techniques they feel are ripe for retirement. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments. 
1. Newsletters
While this advice might go against the grain, it's never a bad idea to question if the time invested in a marketing channel is worth the effort. Companies of all sizes and verticals produce newsletters for customers and prospects, but that effort would best be used in other forms of marketing, argues John Ross, CEO of Test Prep Insight.
Continue reading: https://www.cmswire.com/digital-marketing/5-marketing-techniques-to-dump/


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