Brianna White

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Mar 25, 2020
Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing across sectors and industries and while it has great potential to benefit society, this can only be realized if AI truly represents the diversity of the populations it represents.
Gender equity, specifically, is not currently realized in AI development. A technology meant to replicate human functions learns from and relies on the data and teams that put it together and manage it. A lack of representation from women in these spaces creates bias and can make technology untrustworthy.
Many companies and organizations are looking to increase gender equity within their AI teams to deliver value. While there is much more work to be done, there are more women than ever in leadership roles paving the way in AI.
Here are three women working to bridge the gender equity gap when it comes to AI.
Karine Perset heads the AI Unit of the OECD Division for Digital Economy Policy. She oversees the OECD.AI Policy Observatory and OECD.AI Network of Experts (ONE AI), as well as the newly forming OECD Working Party on AI Governance (AIGO). Perset focuses on opportunities and challenges that AI raises for public policy, on policies to help implement the OECD AI Principles and on trends in AI development.
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