No-code A.I. is coming. Is your company ready?

The number of “no code” A.I. platforms, software that allows people without specialized skills to build algorithms, is proliferating rapidly.

The companies that market no-code machine learning platforms include Akkio, Obviously.ai, DataRobot, Levity, Clarifai, Teachable Machines, Lobe (which Microsoft bought in 2018), Peltarion and Veritone, to name a few. They allow non-A.I. experts to create A.I. systems using simple visual interfaces or drag-and-drop menus. Some of the software is designed specifically for computer vision, some for natural language processing, and some for both.

The latest to enter the no-code fray is Primer, a San Francisco company that I’ve mentioned before in this newsletter. Primer’s evolution is worth mentioning because it is probably instructive of where the entire A.I. software-space may be headed. To date, Primer has been known as a leader in creating A.I. software that helps analysts—those who work for government intelligence agencies, as well as the kind who work for banks and for companies in departments like business development and marketing—rapidly sift through vast quantities of news and documents. To achieve this, the company has used some of the most state-of-the-art natural language processing techniques.

Continue reading: https://fortune.com/2021/04/06/no-code-a-i-is-coming-is-your-company-ready/

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