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Building the Perfect IoT Beast

  • 5 days ago

Edge devices aren’t simply things that get bolted onto an existing infrastructure and away you go. Instead, the infrastructure – and the enterprise it supports – needs to adapt data flows and processes, as well as be open to the new possibilities IoT opens up. The catch is that “most enterprises do not know what to do with the technology,” a new eBook from Gartner states. “And if they do have plans for the IoT, there is concern over who will be leading these initiatives.”

Gartner provides four steps to become a truly IoT-savvy enterprise:

Leverage the many facets of the IoT: The IoT isn’t one environment, it’s actually many. “Enterprises will build and adapt their IoT implementations to include a combination of five key architectural components – things, gateways, mobile devices, the cloud, and the enterprise,” the Gartner authors point out. These components have key roles to play in the development of a well-functioning IoT architecture. Things, for example, “can be dumb or smart on their own and store most of their data onboard.” Gateways can make up for any dumbness within the infrastructure, housing the application logic and data while communicating with other devices. Of course, the larger cloud can also make up for the lack of intelligence within things and gateways, acting “as the central connection hub, power analytics, and provisioning data storage.”

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