How AI email security reduces the burden on human defenders

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of an email security solution, two criteria sit above the rest. First and foremost is the question of accuracy: does the solution consistently catch malicious emails, while allowing legitimate and non-threatening communication to pass through? Or in its simplest terms, does it stop the bad and allow the good?

Within this first criterion, decision-makers would be wise to consider two subtly different but equally important questions: does it really stop the bad (i.e. does it take meaningful action at the right time), and does it stop the really bad (i.e. does it catch not just the low-hanging fruit but also more advanced email threats that often bypass gateways, like trusted third-party impersonation attacks that can cost tens of thousands of dollars)?

The second factor is often not given due attention when considering Return on Investment (ROI): how much time and effort does the product require from your IT team? Cyber security should be an enabler for IT professionals and the business as a whole, yet in too many cases email tools inadvertently hold back legitimate traffic and tamper with mailflow, adding workload to human teams and disrupting business operations.

This blog explains how an AI-based approach to email security not only offers better accuracy and catch rates, but also dramatically reduces time-to-competency with a solution that self-learns and becomes effective almost immediately.

Continue reading: https://www.darktrace.com/en/blog/how-ai-email-security-reduces-the-burden-on-human-defenders/

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