6 Seldom-Discussed Tips for Working in the Tech Industry

There are plenty of articles that give sage advice for anyone working in the tech industry. However, most of them focus on the same topics: time management, resourcefulness, continuous learning, verbal and written communication skills, caffeine consumption and so on.

In this article, I’ll discuss six tech industry tips that are rarely discussed online but are equally (if not more) important to an IT career from my experience over the past three decades in the technology industry.

1. Approach Change Carefully

Often disguised as innovation for buy-in, all change has the potential to alienate people and cause problems. In order to mitigate the chance of this happening, focus on user experience (often called UX) when making decisions, instead of other factors that satisfy one or a few other people or processes within your organization.

Secondly, attack your change ideas and approach from every angle. When you find a fault, don’t just ditch the idea or approach – try to find a solution. Around 90% of the time this isn’t possible and you just have to ditch it, but examining other solutions builds vital analytical skills that are transferable to other problems.

For example, say that you learned that a software app that you currently run on the desktops in your organization has a cloud equivalent that costs a few dollars a month for each user and doesn’t require that you maintain a backend server at your location. Instead, users simply log into an online website portal to do their work.

It makes sense from an IT and cost perspective to move to this cloud app – after all, the cost is relatively low and there is no need to support the local app or the associated backend server and related storage.

Continue reading: https://www.comptia.org/blog/seldom-discussed-tech-tips

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