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15 Emerging Trends in Information Technology for 2021

  • 4 mths ago

Technology is ever-changing and those wanting to remain at the helm of innovation must adapt. The consumer journey is charting a new course as customers and companies alike embrace emerging technologies. As tech trends such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) become more pervasive, the world will look to brands who can deliver with accuracy and real-time efficiency.

What are the Emerging Trends in Technology?

To help meet the demands of a technology-enabled consumer base, solution providers must embrace digital transformation to realize their full potential. But, where to begin? These are the top 15 emerging technologies that businesses need to keep an eye on in 2021.


Artificial intelligence is poised as a tool of choice for businesses and solution providers. As is often seen with social media, AI, combined with machine learning, deep learning and neural networks, can be a powerful combination. Businesses can use AI to achieve cost-saving benefits, streamline workflows, improve the customer experience, enable more efficient communications through chatbots, increase customer satisfaction, and provide insight into purchasing behavior.

Additionally, machine learning can analyze large datasets and provide scaled insight. We are currently just scratching the surface of how machine learning and AI can work together to enable businesses. Current applications provide huge growth potential for solution providers who can fully understand the capabilities and functionality of AI to tailor solutions to meet business demands.


Past discussions of blockchain often hinged on cryptocurrency, but the real power lies in the immutability and transparency of a blockchain. Blockchains use distributed ledger technology resulting in a fixed and highly visible record of activity with high potential for business applications.

The blockchain is an information system that holds promise for supply chain management, enabling transparency into the journey of materials from origin to product. Blockchain technology will also allow for better record management, providing a snapshot of any record from its origination. This could be used to verify orders, purchases, returns, receipt of product—you name it.

Smart contracts are another blockchain application that ensures delivery of conditions. Smart contracts release data when both participants have met the criteria of an agreement. They offer endless capabilities for ensuring agreements are carried out and therefore can help position you as a trusted solution provider.

Computer Vision

This field allows computers to derive meaning from visual input, and then take action or make decisions based on that data. Computer vision requires a huge amount of data to train algorithms to understand subtle differences and recognize different visual inputs.

There is significant business potential for computer vision, which could inspect products and processes as part of quality control to analyze for nearly imperceptible differences and imperfections. Business applications include using Google Translate to translate signage to a native language and making sense of traffic signs in self-driving cars.

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