The Four Cs Of AI Literacy: Building The Workforce Of The Future

The AI market is projected to be 190 billion by 2025. AI applications, once the purview of only the most advanced technologists are now pervasive. The average human is likely to interact with at least one AI in their daily life, whether it is auto-correct on their phone, a movie or product recommendation, or, for some, a self-driving car or a digital assistant. While these are the AIs that the average person can see, the impact of the technology is possibly even greater in the AIs that they don’t see, that assist their doctors, their bank’s loan approvals, their city’s budget decisions, and more. The next generation, our children, are the first AI-Native Generation They have never known life without AI.

As AI permeates every industry, AI knowledge just in the hands of Data Scientists and technologists will not be sufficient. We are seeing the rise of a new type of literacy, AI Literacy, which will complement Digital Literacy in the workforce of the future. But what is AI Literacy and how can it be acquired? 

Continue reading: https://www.forbes.com/sites/nishatalagala/2021/04/04/the-four-cs-of-ai-literacy-building-the-workforce-of-the-future/?sh=788cfed613fb

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