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Crypto Is People and Culture. It’s Time the Media Saw It That Way

  • 1 mth ago

It’s wonderful to be able to celebrate a culture week in crypto. As they have a penchant for throwing themselves off a cliff to see if they survive, Bitcoin and Ethereum and blockchain in general have many times looked like they wouldn’t get back up. For a few weeks after I got a deal to write my book in early 2019, I convinced myself it would be Ethereum’s obituary.

Matt Leising is co-founder of DeCential Media, which is dedicated to telling stories of the founders, builders and visionaries of the new decentralized world. This post is part of Culture Week, which explores how crypto is changing media and entertainment.

It’s interesting that the same can be said of the traditional financial world so much of this industry wants to replace; it just won’t die. Money has always been needed and always will, whether in shell form or packed into a 60-kilobyte block. What’s also always been needed are stories about money and power and all the fun stuff that comes along with it.

Crypto – I’ll refer to it broadly here as such, though I know many people loathe the term – is a particularly challenging and interesting and frustrating topic to cover. At this early stage in any industry or endeavor, stories are fantastically important. Think of how settling the western United States has been basically invented for our consumption and how, for the most part, we love it.

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