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What are the real use cases for 5G edge computing?

  • 13 days ago

The public may not understand the 5G edge or network slicing but they are not hard to grasp. A good analogy is to think of 5G as being like the international airline business with aircraft flying passengers and cargo all over the globe all the time, and the airport as the edge. Here many different services are on offer to passengers, from baggage handling to baguettes, and even more for business to business, from air control to aviation fuel.

Many of the airport’s services do not impact and are of no relevance to the massive global industry and infrastructure behind the airport, and it’s the same with the edge. Much of the data is gathered, processed, analyzed and acted on close to where it is generated and stored locally – none or only a portion of it needs to traverse the network, depending on the application.

Like dedicated network slices enabled by 5G at the edge, the services on offer at the airport are tailored and scaled to meet specific needs at particular times, and support many different business and operational models.

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