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IT Trends to Watch: Formative AI

  • 1 yr ago

What is Formative AI?

Formative AI is an umbrella term that refers to artificial intelligence that changes dynamically in response to a situational variance — as the NYC Media Lab puts it, it’s “AI that ‘creates’ things.” There are multiple types of formative AI. Generative AI is a type of formative AI that creates new content or alters existing content — for example, in deep fake images and videos. And formative AI models can be designed to evolve and adapt over time. The applications of formative AI are as varied as synthetic data generation to train machine learning models and AI artwork or deep fakes made with nefarious intent.

How Long Has It Been Around?

It’s hard to pin a date of birth on formative AI because it’s an umbrella term for a variety of technologies, many of which are emerging and not yet fully established in the enterprise.

Gartner identified several technologies under the formative AI umbrella as set to become productive over the next two to ten years. Some of those technologies, like augmented AI design, are just emerging but are already in use in some cases and predicted to be an emerging category to watch.

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