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Work in these sectors? Here's how drones can help your bottom line

  • 1 mth ago

Industrial drones are nothing new, but the growth curve and pace of adoption is pretty astounding. The adoption of industrial drone programs by industry is expected to increase at a 66.8% compound annual growth rate over the next year. 

Industrial drones are being used in major industries like insurance, mining and aggregates, using cutting-edge technologies (AI, machine learning, and deep data analytics, to name a few) to drastically reduce the time workers spend gathering and analyzing data while increasing accuracy and positively impacting the bottom line. All of these working together result in a growing field impacting industrial work and forever changing how these industries operate on a daily basis globally: smart inspections.

Krishnan Hariharan, CEO of Aerial Intelligence company Kespry and drone industry veteran, believes that there's still much room for improvement in the drone industry. Kespry, the company he leads, is pioneering smart inspections by leveraging the power of AI, machine learning, and data visualization to conduct inspections that previously had to be done manually. 

I had the opportunity to connect with Hariharan about the growth of the inspection drone market and the reasons businesses across a variety of sectors might want to add drones to a growing automation technology portfolio.

GN: What are the advantages to humans of inspection by drones and how can they help the bottom line?

Krishnan Hariharan: There are several advantages of autonomous drone inspections, especially considering this method removes the need for manual inspections. The first is worker safety. Instead of manually climbing on stockpiles and roofs to get accurate measurements, workers can simply tap out a flight perimeter on an iPad and let the drone do the work, keeping them out of harm's way. 

As an example, Edw. C Levy, a construction and facilities company, uses Kespry to conduct its site surveys. Without drone technology like Kespry's, a lot of construction and facilities companies contract with third-party companies to conduct their site surveys. That opens up a great deal of risk exposure because it involves an unknown party operating their vehicle in an area unknown to them. They could get lost, they could have a vehicle malfunction, they could require assistance from your own team members — all of which could cost you time and money. Kespry eliminates those unknowns and greatly reduces risk, keeping people out of harm's way.

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