Use AI Thinking to Improve Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are everywhere. You can barely go to the bathroom without an AI system there ready to assist. Every tool in your CX stack is leveraging some kind of AI for market segmentation or personalization. But the value of AI for CX doesn’t stop at tools.

In fact the prepackaged tools are not the most helpful thing about AI for your CX. The thinking that goes into designing and building AI systems is itself the most powerful tool for reexamining your customer experience. Let’s dig into three AI problem-solving concepts and see how you can use them to refine your CX stack and create exceptional customer experiences.

AI Inspiration #1: Problem Reduction

In the 1950's first wave of artificial intelligence, researchers created a software program that could mimic how humans solve problems. The design of the Logic Theorist program was based on breaking problems down into smaller, simpler problems. By solving each component problem, the intelligence system built up to solving the major problem. The solutions to the minor problems compounded into the ultimate solution.

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