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5 Top IoT Security Challenges and Solutions

  • 4 mths ago

The internet of things (IoT) is growing exponentially, with as many as 25 billion devices expected to be deployed by 2030. IoT technology has many benefits for consumers, corporations and, in particular, the manufacturing, health care and transportation industries. However, if IoT security issues are not addressed, as more devices get installed, connected networks will be exposed to an increasing number of cyberattacks.

What Is the Internet of Things?

The IoT is a system of interconnected devices, digital or mechanical machines and objects that can transfer data over a network without human interaction. 

An IoT system can be a vehicle with built-in sensors that alert the driver about low tire pressure, a biochip transponder implanted in a farm animal, a heart monitor implant implanted in a person or any other object that uses an internet protocol (IP) address to transfer data over a network.

Organizations use IoT to deliver enhanced customer service, improve decision-making, increase the value of the business and operate more efficiently.

IoT Security Challenges

The challenges listed below can put IoT device users at risk of a potential data breach.

Lack of physical security

Attackers can sometimes make physical changes in IoT devices located in remote places for long periods of time. For example, they can infect USB flash drives with malware. Manufacturers of IoT devices must ensure the physical security of devices. However, building secure transmitters and sensors for low-cost IoT can be a challenging task for manufacturers.

Botnet attacks

A botnet is a collection of malware-infected machines. Attackers use these infected machines to bring down a target by sending thousands of requests per second.

IoT devices are highly vulnerable to malware attacks because they do not get usual security updates like regular computers. As a result, attackers can easily turn IoT devices into infected botnets and use them to send vast amounts of traffic.

Lack of visibility

Gaining visibility into all IoT devices in the network is challenging for IT teams because many devices are simply not registered in IT inventory records. Devices like smart coffee machines, ventilation and air conditioning systems are considered not “important enough” to track by IT teams. Security teams cannot do anything to prevent breaches if they cannot see what is connected to the network. 

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