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How We Can Equalize The Crypto Gender Gap

  • 5 mths ago

The financial sector has been a traditionally male-dominated industry since the beginning, but the birth of the crypto craze has provided us with an opportunity to start from scratch. For many, crypto can be an intimidating space because just as people began to realize that it was not a passing fad, the learning curve became steep and the price of Bitcoin soared. 

The gender gap in crypto is, in fact, already mounting. CNBC reported last summer that the crypto gender gap is already wider than it is within more traditional forms of investment, with more than twice the amount of men investing in crypto than women. What doesn’t help is that women don’t feel they know much about cryptocurrency anyway. In a recent study conducted by BlockFi, it was revealed that 94 percent of women have heard of crypto, but only nine percent feel they know a fair amount about the asset class. One of the most valuable aspects crypto brings to the table is its accessibility. The DeFi model allows anyone who has access to the internet and the ability to open a bank account to get involved in this decentralized field. So the question becomes, what is getting in the way of women seizing this opportunity? 

Worth sat down with Alizé Marchand, head of crypto at The Strategic Funds, Flori Marquez, cofounder and SVP of operations at BlockFi, and Marieke Flament, CEO of the NEAR Foundation, to get their take on why there is such a large gender gap in crypto and what needs to be done to empower more women to get involved. 

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