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Marketing To Gen-Z During Covid: Social Is A Primary News Source

  • 2 yrs ago

Parents are grappling with the long-term effects the pandemic is having on their kids, and Gen-Z — born 1996 through 2010 — are feeling the impact perhaps more than other generations.  On the younger end of the spectrum they are living through Covid in middle and high school with virtual classes and separation from sports and social activities. On the older end of the spectrum, they are recent grads entering the work force with virtual mentors and less structure as “the new kid” on the job.  

Every aspect of their life has been turned upside down, from their school environment to the way they socialize. Their priorities, purchasing decisions and behavioral patterns have been affected and brands must take note.  

Think about a few things I’ve shared with my co-workers at Barkley during a recent briefing:

  1. 49% of Gen-Z is using social media as a primary news source vs 17% of older adults
  2. Gen-Z increasingly distrusts larger institutions including but not limited to brands
  3. Gen-Z expects brands to take a stand on issues and neutral is a failing strategy
  4. Gen-Z is training algorithms to get more things they want in their feed and less of what they don’t want.

Since March, Accenture has been tracking 8,000+ consumers across the globe to get an idea how Gen-Z is reacting to the crisis. 

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