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Securing the IoT ecosystem

  • 3 mths ago

How do we secure IoT devices and the ecosystem that supports them? Could quantum-driven cyber-security deliver a scalable and cost-effective solution?

While rapid growth in the deployment of IoT devices continues it is being hampered by the rising number of small- and large-scale cyber-attacks that are taking place.

In the UK while over 95% of Britons have some kind of IoT device in their household, according to research conducted by NordVPN, 20 per cent have not taken any measures to protect those devices.

“As the research shows, the more devices people own, the more vulnerable they usually are. Manufacturers surely have to take more responsibility for the safety of their products,” said Daniel Markusen, a digital privacy expert at NordVPN.

According to Gartner around 80 per cent of IoT projects fail before they are launched, often because of issues around scalability and security.

IoT devices are designed to collect and send information and while this can be done securely by using encryption, there are many examples of poor levels of encryption or of none at all leading to devices being hacked and compromised.

The number of consumer devices being hacked has jumped because it appears that many manufacturers are rushing unsecured products to market with very basic functions, in an attempt to shorten development times and cut costs.

“While this is great for device makers, it’s horrible news for consumers. When things are rushed, they leave huge gaps in terms of security,” warns Markuson.

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