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  • 5 days ago

Social media has a funny way of weaving itself into everything: marketing, products, technologies and even the mundane rhythms of our daily lives. Memes become fodder for morning talk shows and dances on TikTok make their way into video games and music videos. Social media content can fuel communities that impact the larger culture. And now, with blockchain technology on the rise, the nature of that impact could change.

That’s because blockchain creates a decentralized database that no single person or entity can change or alter without the consensus of the larger participating group. This consensus format is also what makes it so secure, allowing it to act as a store of value for things including cryptocurrencies and digital goods such as NFTs— a game-changer in a digital world where value was traditionally hard to quantify.

Blockchain technology also means that in digital spaces such as the metaverse the things you own follow you from place to place. Suddenly, your digital selves and objects have a real-world sense of ownership anchored to your digital self—not the digital spaces you inhabit. Without a lot of imagination, it’s easy to see how blockchain’s ability to give a sort of real-world tangibility to our virtual shelves could completely change the way we think of and use social media, from how we buy things to where we work and play to the communities that form around each platform. 

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