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Beyond Recovery: Building Back Better with Edge Computing

  • 9 mths ago

Businesses and organisations across Ireland looking to strengthen their recovery in 2022 are turning to digital transformation in their quest to innovate and accelerate the transformation to a carbon-neutral future.

This was one of the key talking points at the recent Dell Technologies Forum where business leaders and technology experts from across Ireland and beyond came together to discuss how organisations can thrive in a data-driven era through technology.

Without a doubt, one of the technologies that will play a critical role as businesses embark on this pathway is edge technology. Edge is revolutionising how we collect, store and process data, all central facets on our global digital transformation journey.

Edge computing is achieved by extending traditional Datacentre to the ‘edge’ of a network, creating “Centres of Data” through the aggregation of “distributed compute” resources that live close to the location of Data creation that produce high yield, low power consumption and much reduced latency. Instead of transiting through a dozen centralised data centers, data generated from cameras, sensors, and other Internet of Things (IoT) tools powered by artificial intelligence and functions of AI such as machine learning can be processed directly at or near the source.

At Dell Technologies we believe edge computing will support post-crisis recovery efforts, creating new opportunities for businesses, while helping them operate in more efficient and adaptable ways.

By providing instant processing and analysis, with greater analytical speed, edge computing allows organisations to enhance connectivity and observability of “things” as well as critical tasks and events, automate operations, improve experiences, reduce energy usage as well as waste, and enhance safety measures.

While useful in and of itself, it is only when Edge computing is blended with other essential Technologies that its true power and potential is unleashed. Combined with IoT and 5G, Edge Computing will vastly improve how we live and work, as well as multiple industry and social domains, such as improving the experience of remote work and enhancing manufacturing and industrial applications for instance.

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