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Why Blockchain Companies Are The Next Frontier

  • 3 days ago

The hot topic right now is all the talk of the "metaverse" — the moniker given to the idea that our lives will take place more and more in a fully digital setting rather than a mostly physical one. The theory is that our work lives, our transactions, our social interactions and most of the other ways we interact with others will become ones that happen across an evolved and interconnected digital space called the metaverse. As we build toward this future, organizations are starting to look for the best places to make their mark while the metaverse is still in its nascency. For many of them, blockchain companies are gaining a greater amount of interest.

It starts with the simple equation of buying while the price is still low in order to sell when the price is high a few years down the road. Bitcoin, the most commonly known use of blockchain, has already surpassed entry-level prices, but most other uses for blockchain are still at the beginning stages and still have the low price of entry needed for a buyer to take interest. If bitcoin’s success is even a fraction of what is in store for other blockchain applications, many of those who buy at today’s prices may see large returns in the not-too-distant future.

Besides the profit potential, blockchain companies could also be seen as a safer purchase since there is a significant amount of future-proofing that comes with any software with blockchain at its core. Blockchain’s flexibility of use and hundreds, possibly even thousands, of potential applications combined with an ever-growing need for enhanced digital security means it can adapt and grow as the metaverse expands.

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