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IoT Security: How To Protect Edge Devices To Minimize Cyberattacks

  • 3 mths ago

This is not an unfounded concern: as we can read in media, a growing number of cyberattack cases over industrial plants make the infrastructures useless or even alter their operation with the risk that this entails.

It was in 2010 when we became for the first time familiar with industrial cybersecurity. Stuxnet, a malware described as the first cyber weapon, was introduced in an Iranian nuclear power plant to delay Iran’s nuclear program. This malware managed to control the valves and pressure sensors of the enriched uranium centrifuges.

Industrial cyberattacks over critical infrastructures have grown considerably in the past year, attacking thermal power plants, electrical substations, water treatment plants, or oil pipelines. Examples of these are the recent attack against Colonial Pipeline or against a water treatment plant in Florida that supplies water to a large population.

Security Risks Lay In IoT Devices

Internet of Things (IoT) is a set of technologies that enables the physical world to be linked to the digital world. Information is collected from what happens in the physical world through sensors, actuators, and other so-called IoT devices and processed digitally afterward. Making an analogy with the human body, IoT is the sense of the digital world and the first step towards digital transformation for many industrial companies that seek to transform their business model by digitizing processes and exploiting data.

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