Fact vs. Fiction: AI Council Members Discuss ‘The Social Dilemma,’ Ethics and What’s Next

Artificial intelligence sometimes gets a bad rap in popular culture. From killer robots to deepfakes, it almost seems hard to believe that AI can do any good in the world, right? While some issues can be addressed, the reality is AI isn’t dangerous, it isn’t out to get you, and it’s not trying to brainwash you, according to a panel of leaders from CompTIA’s AI Advisory Council.

Four of the council members recently met to discuss the “The Social Dilemma,” the Netflix documentary that raises some questions about how AI is used in social media platforms. The documentary was eye-opening for most viewers, but it didn’t offer a complete view of AI, the panelists said.

Like many other innovations in history, concerns are mistakenly directed toward the technology itself, rather than how we use the technology. The primary goal of most AI-related businesses is to make our lives better, creating innovative new solutions that can help consumers, businesses, and the world, the council members said.

Continue reading: https://www.comptia.org/blog/fact-vs.-fiction-ai-council-members-discuss-the-social-dilemma-ethics-and-what-s-next

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