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How Artificial Intelligence Is Opening Up A New World Of Possibilities In Hearing

  • 2 mths ago

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new electricity. This is how Stanford University colleague Andrew Ng describes the wide adoption and deep impact we’re seeing with AI. It’s a strong statement to make but one that has merit given the unprecedented pace of advancements in recent years. AI is transforming the way people are living their lives. It’s opening up doors that were previously in the realms of imagination.

You’ve used AI in face and voice recognition and heard of its deployment in self-driving cars and autonomous robots. Although these applications are fascinating to see, I believe one of the most intriguing uses of AI is in harnessing it to enhance and augment human sensory perception and communication. Our eyes, ears, skin, nose and tongue are all sensors that interact with our brain, helping us develop a model of the world we’re in and how we experience it. The idea of using technology to augment these processes to enhance our perceptual capabilities is no longer science fiction.

When I left a Silicon Valley-based tech giant and joined the hearing industry, hearing aids were a lot different than they are today. In the old era of computing, engineers handcrafted algorithms to endow the devices with different settings that needed to be manually invoked for various listening situations. Now, we’ve entered a new age of computing in which machines use AI to become smarter based on the data they’re trained on. Like a child learns based on experiences, these devices are able to make decisions on their own by analyzing and classifying the surrounding environment based on machine learning techniques. When it comes to hearing technology, this has opened up a new world of possibilities.

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