This AI recruitment tool detects potential, not experience

If AI is well equipped to expedite arduous onboarding processes, is it equally adept in the actual hiring process? Strap in.

Employers the world over have long dreamed of harnessing technology to widen their recruitment net. To what end? Well, to get the best talent in the door, to reduce reliance on human recruiter subjectivity, to achieve a more diverse, representative, and sustained employee base.

The reality is that recruitment technology and AI can too readily propagate historical bias’ in hiring. The humans feeding the systems with data are blind to their own prejudices working their way in. This principally disadvantages women, minorities, and more elderly applicants, and is well documented. For example, Amazon canned a promising AI program which, in its little whittling process, was consulting 10 years’ worth of successful applications. No heed was given to the fact those applications were male-dominated until too late, and that the machine was unfavorably rejecting women because of this.

Beyond bias, another objection to broader uptake of recruitment AI is the fact that last year, UK regulators pushed forward a regulation that requires businesses and organizations to explain the decision made by AI. With historical frailties rife, businesses are likely to be risk-averse when it comes to using AI in their recruitment – if a mistake, bias, or trend is undetected then questioned, a big fine could be on the cards.

Read more: https://techhq.com/2020/10/this-ai-recruitment-tool-detects-capability-not-experience/

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