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Top Business AI Trends to Watch for 2022

  • 4 mths ago

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are here to stay. Research shows that the global AI market can reach up to a $190 billion market valuation in 2025. Additionally, in 2022, companies are expected to run around 35 AI projects in their operations.

Because AI and ML are becoming so ubiquitous, enterprises must be aware of the seven trends directly affecting their operations and future moving into 2022. These trends will not only affect the more tangible, business-side of operations, but also point towards more abstract, ethical questions surrounding AI.


Cybersecurity concerns are an inevitable consequence of AI’s rise. AI-backed technologies, such as hyperautomation and 5G, all have security implications that only further these concerns. As enterprises process more and more data, they will need to adopt greater cybersecurity vigilance, which will be aided in large part by AIOps.

Cybersecurity companies are also keeping pace with these increasing threat areas and are utilizing AI and ML to help combat malicious attacks. Leaders in this space—including NortonLifeLock, CrowdStrik, and Darktrace—use AI to learn from previous attacks to help prevent any future compromises. Because most of these software solutions are hands-off, they are affordable and scalable — helping to fuel greater adoption of AIOps platforms in coming years. 


Hyperautomation is the identification and automation of as many processes as possible. Many of the solutions adopted under hyperautomation, such as Microsoft Power Automate and Laiye RPA, are AI-focused. An example  of the crossroads between hyperautomation and AI is robotic process automation (RPA) tools, which use bots and automate simple, routine processes within various software applications.

There are two advantages hyperautomation and AI can bring for businesses: employee upskilling and business efficiency. This is primarily due to the growth of low-code and no-code solutions adopted under hyperautomation to ensure everyday users have access to more advanced techniques and skills than ever before. 

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