With recent reports on deep learning language models like Google BERT and OpenAI’s GPT-3, it’s easy to assume that true AI is here and ready to revolutionize businesses everywhere. Although AI is already remaking businesses, it’ll take a few more years for the smarts exhibited in things like GPT-3 to make their way into deep, narrow domains. That’s because the advances we’ve seen over the last couple of years draw upon general, internet-scale learning. They can’t help you develop a new cancer treatment or design the wing of a new aircraft because they haven’t been trained on deep, domain-specific data. 

Will there be a GPT or BERT to provide human-level insight for your domain? Eventually, but not for a while. Models like BERT and GPT-3 draw upon the enormous data offerings of the public internet, giving them a superhuman breadth of knowledge. Unfortunately for us, these mega-models are better at “faking” their understanding than actually knowing what they’re talking about. This is fine when you ask them to do something low-stakes like write a poem or talk about a historical event. It’s less acceptable when you need to know about the side effects or possible drug interactions of a new breast cancer drug. 

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