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Three impactful ways to use AI and unified customer profiles to tailor experiences in real-time

  • 4 mths ago

Particularly exciting is how advanced automation around data crunching unlocks customer personas and recommendation engines with intelligence from customer behavior regardless of the channel. You get better customer experiences and buyer journeys that ease the pains and inefficiencies around purchasing your products.

Businesses expect AI to impact their businesses. Esteemed industry analysts Gartner reports that AI is growing exponentially, with spending on Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce set to reach $7.3 billion per year by 2022- that’s up by over 20%. That’s a lot of investment.

What are AI-driven customer personas looking to solve?

Unifying your customer data for analysis lets, you understand your customers in a more meaningful way. You have real-time insights on valuable customer segments like your biggest spenders and most loyal.

When you lack the understanding you get from customer-centric insights, you can’t tailor customers to find the products they want because you lack the understanding you get from customer-centric insights.

Without personalization, customers buy products that don’t fit their needs as closely as they should and go for the ‘next best thing.’ Or worse for the business, customers end up not buying at all. Retailers leave money on the table by not showing relevant products – even when they have them. So none knows to buy the product.

Technology like marketing automation and customer data platform (CDP) fix problems that impede delivering a seamless buyer experience. This article shares three impactful ways to use AI and unified customer profiles to tailor experiences in real-time.

1. Continuously optimize Search
2. Customer personas from data
3. Real-time Recommendations

Search Optimization

An eCommerce store needs a site search that uses AI and natural language processing (NLP) to constantly learn from user behavior — because a users’ behavior constantly changes. That is, people and influencers like using trendy terms. These can trick some systems. For example, “fly” could refer to retraining a tent down or mean zippers.
The business world is changing in ways that have surprised models, yet technology will still give you the best gains as things become more normalized. Reading this means you will not be left behind when it comes to marketing transformation. You don’t need to become a fully AI-enhanced company overnight, but adopting key technologies can turbocharge your initiative. Computers can quickly crunch data and develop new personalized products for every customer with machine learning.

Consumers generate a lot of data. Customers engage with media brands across mobile, desktop, and connected devices throughout their day, with average screen times for some customer segments up to 12 hours per day. The advanced data processing with AI leverages the collected information from all of the shopping trips and analyzes to understand which behaviors mean a specific kind of purchase.

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